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Out of the Box Encounter Book Up On Kickstarter

When running a game, you have a lot on your plate. Sometimes, it's nice to leave some of the legwork for someone else, like when you have someone else create some encounters for you. That's what Nerdarchy has done with their Out of the Box encounter book. It's a whole bunch of little encounters that you can toss into your games to add some flavor and variety. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Out of the Box Encounters is designed for you, the Game Master, with your campaign, your players and their characters in mind. Every unique encounter provides insight into players and consideration for the out of the box ways characters approach challenges. 

Player ingenuity and engagement leads adventures in unexpected directions often as a matter of course, and we wanted to create a veritable box of encounters loaded with everything you need to run memorable, exciting stories no matter what twists and turns your group takes.

We ask that you consider backing this book to bring these encounters to life at your table, and at ours.

The campaign's more than 9x funded, but there's only 4 days left to go.