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Out of the Ashes RPG Up On Kickstarter

There are many fantasy stories that end with the great evil shattered and defeated. But... what comes next? That's where Out of the Ashes, a new fantasy RPG picks up. This new game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Out of the Ashes is a self-contained pen and paper fantasy roleplaying game. Play survivors seeking to protect and rebuild their communities in a world of deep magic shattered in war with a terrible evil. The war has been won, the Nameless Emperor defeated, his legions scattered or destroyed, but the cost was almost the ruin of civilisation.

Your characters are capable and heroic, wielders of innate magic, but the dangers out there are great, and your community needs you if it is to endure. It must not fall!

Much of the land is corrupt. The wilderness is not safe to travel, and tainted monsters roam and seek prey. The surviving Ministers of the Nameless Emperor are gathering their forces, still ready to seize control of the world. Yet these enemies are scattered, and hope remains. Can you keep your community safe, and rebuild civilisation?

Your community is at the centre of play. As well as creating characters, you create your community as a group, along with dangerous places to explore, and threats that menace it. You go on quests on behalf of community, until the game ends in triumph or tragedy. You’re the heroes of your community. Your community needs you in order to survive and grow.

The campaign is really close to its funding goal with 27 days to go.