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Oomm Games Launches Starlight Board Game Kickstarter

You're getting your space pilots license. It's the culmination of what you've been working for for years. But just as you're finishing up your training, an alien race comes in and destroys your home planet. You manage to escape, just barely, along with some other refugees. Now, you're in a dark, cold region of space with an unknown enemy on your tail? That's where you find yourself in Starlight, a new cooperative board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

About the game:

Starlight is a narrative-driven cooperative tabletop game for 1-4 players set in the Draconian System. You and your friends are close to completing your pilot training when an unknown enemy attacks and destroys your home planet. You manage to escape and find yourself guarding the last remaining refugee ship. Throughout Starlight you fight in epic space battles, upgrade your ship and explore the fringes of space. But questions still remain: who attacked you, what do they want and will you be able to help rebuild the Medellian civilization?

Starlight is an epic cooperative game that is built upon four pillars of gameplay: Space Exploration, Space Combat, World Exploration and the Customization of your own pilot and ship.

Space Exploration

The Sparrow travels across the Draconian System in search of a home, but the journey is difficult. You will need to manage the ship’s resources as you explore new regions of space and embark on missions fighting to survive through the unknown.

Space Combat

You and your squad will launch from the hangars of The Sparrow to battle against various enemies throughout your journey in Starlight. Thankfully you are equipped with the latest ships powered by modern thrusters and advanced weaponry. Assign your action dice to various attacks and maneuvers as you fight your way to victory.

World Exploration

During your adventures across the Draconian system in Starlight, you will explore planets, moons and even ships. World Exploration is discovery-focused and you will need to step out of your ship, putting your cunning to the test against the mysteries you will encounter. Land on new worlds and immerse yourself in rich exploration.


Your Pilot will grow in ability and skill as you test your grit and will against the enemies in Starlight. Choose unique character abilities and upgrade your skill tree so that your pilot plays how you want.

The campaign's around 6x funded with 23 days left to go.