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One Page Rules Releases Wave 1 Update

The folks over at One Page Rules are doing a total overhaul of their games. They've got multiple waves of patches coming out, with the first one recently rolled out. What's in this one? Oh, just updated rules for 12 armies and 20 factions. That's all. You know, just a little bit of stuff. (they've been busy over there).

About the post:

Over at OPR we've just released a huge update called the "wave 1", where we patched 12 armies & 20 factions to be more balanced, as well as given them a whole new cool look with illustrations for each army, re-worked page layouts, shiny new fonts and more!

This is patch 1 of 4 that is going to be released, so there's a lot of new cool stuff coming in the next couple of months.