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One Page Rules Post November Release Update

One Page Rules really has gone from a group of people just making some shorthand versions of sci-fi and fantasy games to really doing a lot in the industry. They've posted up their November release post and, as always for their updates, it's loaded to the brim with content. You can see a lot of it there in that featured image. Read on for more.

From the update:

Welcome to the OPR Patreon for November 2020!

This month we've got a ton of new content for you, as well as some new surprises that will be revealed in the coming weeks. There's new 3D and 2D models, new games, expansions, plus a ton of other stuff as well!

Starting in November we've also got a huge new 15+ model Welcome Pack for our Tier 2 patrons, meaning that you get 30+ models in your first month (read more). On top of that we're also providing a print-on-demand service now, so you can get our models even if you don't have a 3D printer! Check out the full details in this post.

The third wave of the Alien Hives and Mummified Undead models are being released this month, as well as the brand new Nomads Fleet. If you missed the last two waves of models don't worry, you can still get them on MyMiniFactory with a 30% Discount.

This month we also bring you a set of extra models from the awesome guys at CobraMode, with the super stylish Mazigh Raider and Hanzaki Ninja.

On the 2D Printing side of things, we've got a brand new Machine Cult army coming, as well as a paper version of the Nomads Fleet. Then on top of that you'll also get all of the Warband Assets for the Machine Cult so you can play GF: Arena with them!

When it comes to the games, we've got a bunch of things in Early Access. The final chapter of Jakob's Path is coming out, as well as a new expansion for GFF with Gang Wars. Of course you also get access to Arena Season 2 and the full rulebook for Warfleets: FTL.

Then there's a lot more stuff too, like all of the Full Rulebooks, Point Calculators, Weekly Updates, Patrons-Only Discord Channels and a 30% Store Discount, so it's going to be yet another great month for all of our patrons!