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One Page Rules Announces Duchies of Vinci Fantasy Army

There's one thing I definitely agree with in this One Page Rules update: April too forever to get through, it seemed. In this post, they look back at what all came last month as well as looking ahead. As usual, it's got a ton of stuff, but one of the biggest is the announcement of a new fantasy army, the Duchies of Vinci.

From the post:

Hi everyone,

April seems like it was an infinitely long month, with so many things happening that I can barely keep track anymore. We’ve released the April fools models, we had our 7 year anniversary, and we also released a brand new faction!

We’ve also had the fortune to be featured by a couple of big youtubers, which has really helped the project grow over the past month, and we’re going to make sure to give back to the community by further expanding our model ranges and providing more new content every month starting in May.

There’s lots of stuff to talk about, so let’s get to it!