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One Page Rules 7th Anniversary Sale

One Page Rules has just turned 7 years old. *gets out party hats and cake and those blowie "pfweee!" thingies* They grow up so fast *snifflesniffle* But while it's OPR that's celebrating the birthday, it us that gets the present. Take a look back at OPR's history and then get yourself 70% in their minis shop.

From the website:

Hi everyone,

Today marks the 7 year anniversary since the OPR project was officially launched!

OPR started all the way back in April of 2014 from a simple question: could one condense all the wargaming goodness of a game like Warhammer 40k into a single page?

Well, you can see for yourself by checking out 1p40k, which you can download here.

The game quickly grew in popularity, and over the next 3 years we added a fantasy game called 1pFB, as well as two skirmish versions of the games called 1pKT and 1pFS. We were very lucky to be able to find some awesome artists online who decided to make some free cover art for us (but that decided to remain anonymous).


As a final treat for everyone, we’ve got a special 70% discount on MMF for the next 2 days. Just use the coupon code TAKEITALL on our MMF Store: