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On Pointe Ballerina Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Let's start this off with some appropriate music, shall we?

Nowthen, I'm always a fan of board games that have a unique premise. Fantasy towns. Sci-fi space stations. Zombie-filled malls. They've been done. But a group of ballerinas looking to become the star in the new production? That you don't see too often, but it's what we have here in On Pointe, a new board game from Analog Game Studios that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

On Pointe is a board game where players advance as a professional dancer would, from learning the basic ballet moves, mastering rehearsals, performing on stage, competing to become Prima Ballerina and accepting their bouquet at curtain call.

The game is competitive for 2 to 4 players and stays true to its theme throughout. Points are accumulated by collecting gems and treasures for the tutu or tunic score board, with the winner decided by total points scored at the end of the game. There are plenty of strategic and tactical options available to the player when deciding on which dance move they select and when they apply their power-up tokens.

The game's about halfway to its funding goal with 21 days left to go.