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Old School Renaissance Like A (Censored) Boss Available From Kort'thalis Publishing

Venger Satanis over at Kort'thalis Publishing has a deep love of those nostalgic RPGs of the 80s. And he wants to share that love with you. To do so, he's created Old School Renaissance Like A (Censored) Boss, a new book designed to help you run old-school style RPG sessions. If you've ever wanted to get back to that "classic" feel, this is the book that'll help you do so.

From the website:

I've been playing D&D since 1983.  Thirty-six years of experience gives me a pretty good idea of what is and what isn't old school.  After the old school renaissance emerged around 2009, I fell in love all over again, trying to recreate the play experiences I had growing up in the 80s.  With a guiding hand, I rediscovered old school gaming.  I've been playing and running games the OSR way ever since.  With Old School Renaissance Like A (Censored) Boss, I've made it easy to follow in the footsteps of gaming veterans.

This is not new, and this does not go into extensive detail.  What this PDF does is ennumerate my personal rules for running old school RPGs, specifically D&D type fantasy.

Every day, more and more gamers are discovering the OSR, delving into what makes it old school and why it's so awesome.  Old School Renaissance Like A (Censored) Boss delivers the quick and dirty goods so you can get playing.  Glance over this PDF just before your game, as a refresher, a reminder, a shot in the arm... innoculating you from regressive and degenerate modernity.