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Old-School Ork Coming To GW This Year

Here's a blast from the past. It's been quite a long time since I played 40k regularly, but this is a figure I remember being around. If you're looking to relive some of the classic times of the greenskins, you'll want to check out this figure making its way back to GW's store later this year.

From the article:

On the 26th of December, a new threat to the Imperium will raise its head. Let’s check out this Orkoid menace.

The Ork in question is Gorzag Gitstompa, and his little friend is called Nikkit. Take a closer look at the gruesome twosome.

Fans of a certain vintage may notice that Gorzag has a lot in common with a miniature that was available as a Games Day exclusive model many (bad) moons ago.*