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O.P. Arena Now Available From WizKids

When everything is super-powered, then everything works well together. At least, that's the idea behind O.P. Arena, the new party card game that's available now from WizKids. There's T-Rexes, there's Unicorns, there's the Grim Reaper, and more, all on these crazy cards. Battle out for supremacy.

From the website:

WizKids is thrilled to announce that its newest party game, OP Arena, is now available in North American game stores!

In this humorous game of mayhem, players take control of a team of Dudes: overpowered combatants that consist of both creatures and characters, from T-Rexes and Laser Sharks to Vikings and even the Grim Reaper, each with unique, overpowered abilities!

Featuring Mechs with rockets, lactose intolerant Unicorns, an unhappy Cthulhu, and more craziness, OP Arena will have you battling to the death for the glory of VPs in this intense game of creature combat, available now! Pick it up at your Friendly Local Game Store or online today!