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November Issue of Wargames Illustrated Now Available

When you're looking to fill your day with gaming information, a gaming magazine's a great way to do that. "But I've already read all my copies!" Ah! But, Wargames Illustrated has come out with their November issue. *checks calendar* Uh, yeah. A bit early, but whatever works. You can order your copy now.

In this issue:

Wargames Illustrated WI385 November Edition is out in stores now. This issue, there’s a preview of Judge Dredd, along with a free decal sheet!


• Observation Post
• Theme: Thrill-Powered Gaming – A 2000AD Tabletop History
• The Army of Charles the Bold
• Theme: Getting Ready for Dredd
• Red Bull and Laughing Gas
• Theme: Barryat of Lyndonia
• Nam – The Way it Probably Wasn’t
• Theme: Rules Showcase: Judge Dredd: I am the Law!
• A Wargamers 17th Century Oddysey
• Theme: The Treasure of Captain Flint
• Gaslands Day 2019
• Creating a Piece of Future History
• The Economics of Second Editions
• Theme: Painting Captain Flint
• A Dummies’ Guide to the French and Indian Wars