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Nightlancer Cyberpunk Board Game Up On Kickstarter

It's the year 2099. Civilization is on the brink of collapse. You can see the writing on the wall, and you're wanting to make it through to the other side. To do that, you'll have to upgrade yourself. But that's expensive, so you'll have to go complete missions in order to suit up. That's the story behind Nightlancer, a new cyberpunk board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Become a Nightlancer, a struggling underdog determined not to be ground between the gears of a crumbling dystopia as it falls down around you. Do what you need to survive and escape in the ruthless slums of 2099 Birmingham. You can be cut-throat or try to get along with your  opponents, but only one of you will escape.

Take on challenging  underworld missions and come up with a strategy to exploit your skills and assets for success. In the unforgiving world you can take big risks or sacrifice your ideals for a bigger score.

Upgrade your meat with hardware; cybernetics, weapons and designer drugs will give you an edge for a price.  But to survive the collapse you'll need to build a life outside the underworld and if you wait too long to pursue your agendas it'll be too late!

  •  1-4 players including optional cooperative and solitaire play variants 
  • 60-120 minutes gameplay
  • Strong, integrated theme at the core of the design
  • Character building, taking calculated risks and making the most of opportunities
  • Create your individual story of your Nightlancer's struggles
  • Focus on your own journey, enter unlikely alliances or fight your rivals
  • Extensive replay with 8 unique Nightlancers and 18 varied missions

The campaign's really close to its funding goal with 30 days left to go.