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Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game Coming this Friday

I'm sure over the past month or so, many of you out there have rewatched the classic horror film, Night of the Living Dead. Well, this Friday, you can bring that movie from the screen to your tabletops. Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game is hitting store shelves that day. Sounds perfect for a Halloween game.

From the article:

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Unfortunately, those recently laid to rest are not staying within the Earth’s crust. The dead are rising from their graves and there’s only one thing on their rotting minds: to consume the flesh of the living. These ghoulish monsters are what the harrowed Survivors must face off against in George A. Romero’s horror classic, Night of the Living Dead. Soon, fans of another popular undead franchise, Zombicide, will be able to place themselves in the shoes of the classic characters from the film in Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game. This stand-alone expansion to the board game franchise hits store shelves on October 30th, just in time for any Halloween gaming sessions you might have planned.