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Night Life RPG Up On Kickstarter

In Night Life, magic isn't given by some deity, or through study, or people who were just born with it (and it's not Maybelene, either). It's surviving a near-death experience. As such, it means there's a lot of people out there with magic who aren't the most stable pillars of society. It's into this world that you go in the game. It's also the 80s, because neon and spandex are cool. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Night Life is a tabletop game about 1980's wizards with emotional issues.

In this world magic doesn't come from your genes or your studies or the connection with a deity. In this world the only way to get magical powers is to survive a near-death experience you weren't fated to survive. This predisposes a lot of magical individuals to be a bit less-than-stable.

The magical world and the waking world are separated by a very thin line of secrecy and manipulation. As a Charmed person you straddle that line, whether you want to or not.

I wrote this game largely because the best times I've ever had while roleplaying are when things weren't set in stone; when the possibilities, for better or for worse, where infinite. With these experiences in mind Night Life boasts a Health System where the amount of damage you can survive is not set in stone, an experience system that is both varied and easy and a Magic system that guarantees that each spell will drastically change the game for everyone; for better or worse.

So strap on your leggings, leather boots or rollerblades and don't fear the Reaper!

The campaign's just up and over its funding goal, but with only a week left to get in on it.