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Next Wave of Starfinder Miniatures Coming From Archon Studio

Next week, the next set of official Starfinder miniatures will be coming from Archon Studio. If you're looking to get some starfaring miniatures, you can go get your pre-orders in now.

From the announcement:

Archon Studio begins shipping the second wave of Starfinder miniatures on December 16. Wave 2 includes Ferani Nadaz (Downside Kings boss), Obozaya (Vesk Soldier),  Anacite Laborer (robot), Ryphorian Skyfire Pilot, Skittermander, and Luwazi Elsebo (Starfinder Society).


  drew at Dec-13 19
Well, it is good to see some fo these finally making it to the market. I hope that their staggered fulfillment plan isn't too frustrating to backers.