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Next Goal Wins Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Like most kids, I had my "soccer phase" growing up. I played in several summer leagues. Though that eventually turned into a love of hockey. But many of you are probably still soccer (or more appropriately, football, since that's what most of the world calls it) fans. But if you're not able to get out onto the pitch, you can still experience the action in Next Goal Wins, a new strategic board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Next Goal Wins is a fast-paced, strategic game of team building and head to head football rivalry. Each player must assemble a squad of footballers, then use their unique skills and talents to score goals and win matches. But beware, to finish top of the league it takes talent and luck!

The game's around halfway to its goal with 22 days left to go.