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New Young Bilbo and Titan Weapons Available to Order From Forge World

I know it happens somewhat often, getting some rather extreme differences between different releases from Forge World some weeks. But this one is pretty far apart. On one side, we've got a new Young Bilbo figure that's only available for a week to order. On the other, we've got three new weapons for Adeptus Titanicus with which to outfit your-

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

giant robots. I need to make sure that alarm's working right. I think it got confused a little too.

From the website:

In his youth, Bilbo Baggins was much like any other Hobbit of the Shire, content to live a quiet, peaceful existence in the comfort of his own home. That was until a fateful meeting with Gandalf the Grey set him on a path that would forever change his life – and the fate of Middle-earth itself!

This version of Young Bilbo is normally only available at Warhammer World and as an event exclusive, but will be available via our Made to Order service for one week only to coincide with Bilbo's birthday on the 22nd of September!

Young Bilbo is a single resin miniature comprised of three components and is supplied with Citadel 25mm Round Base. His rules can be found in the Armies of The Hobbit™.