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New Warmachine, Hordes, and Riot Quest Releases Available From Privateer Press

Time again for some new releases from Privateer Press. Though they're moving to a new location, that doesn't mean that you have to continue to wait for some figures. If you're the religious type, these releases are for you, as there's the Morrowan, Menite, and Primal Archons available for Warmachine and Hordes. If you're into something more skirmish-sized, you can pick up either (or both) of the new Riot Quest figures that are now out.

From the announcement:

PIP 41161 Morrowan Archon – WARMACHINE Archon Solo
PIP 41162 Menite Archon – WARMACHINE Archon Solo
PIP 75087 Primal Archon – WARMACHINE Archon Solo
PIP 63004 Harlowe Holdemhigh – Riot Quest Scout
PIP 63007 Widget, Tinker Extraordinaire – Riot Quest Specialist