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New Vampire: The Masquerade: Rivals Set Available to Pre-Order

Hecata and Lasombra are apparently your favorite clans that had yet to be added to Vampire: The Masquerade: Rivals, the card game from Renegade Game Studios. Well, with this next set, Shadows & Shrouds, they're rectifying that. You can head over and get your name on the list to get this new set as soon as it's available in March. You'll even get alt-art cards for pre-ordering.

From the announcement:

Two new clans enter the fray, striking from the shadows. The Hecata and the fan-vote-winning Lasombra add new tricks and techniques to employ as you battle for control of the city! This expansion brings the total number of clans available in the game to 10!

 The Lasombra love to win and will spend and risk their agenda to do so, often employing long shadows to do their bidding.

The Hecata are necromancers obsessed with death, using the blood of mortals to fuel their occult practices.

As always, each new clan is featured in a 49-card pre-constructed deck, ready to unwrap and get on the table immediately. Shadows & Shrouds also contains a 30-card Crypt pack, with additional options for deck customization!

Pre-order now worldwide for a March release and get alternate art versions of clean leaders Annika and Markus Kumnyama!