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New Undead Available From Avatars of War

Avatars of War sees that it's April on the calendar, but they're much more in an October mood. They've got a whole bunch of new Undead minis available over on their website and they're even having a sale.

From the announcement:

Avatars of War presents the most powerful, frightening, macabre and Undead heroes that you have ever seen, ready to command your troops, raise the dead from their tombs and invoke the spirits of the underworld.

 SKELETONS, WIGHTS and WRAITHS willing to freeze the blood of your opponents.

 Avatars of War Undead gives you the magic of the dead: take the eternal life with these classic, iconic, and legendary resurrected heroes.

 But that’s not all, the Skeletal Week comes with a terrific discount.

20% off in everything and 30% in all the Undead Heroes!

From today until Sunday 11th of April.

 Embrace the glory of the dead with the most frightening undead of the battle set.

 Old school rocks!