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New Ultramarines Standard Bearer Available From Forge World

There's a new standard bearer for the Ultramarines available to order from Forge World. And it's not just any standard bearer, it's Remus Ventanus, the savior of Calth. Head over and get your name on the list for yours now.

From the article:

This week, Horus Heresy players can add Remus Ventanus, the saviour of Calth, to their Ultramarines Legion forces. That sound that you can hear is the Word Bearers quivering in terror.

The word “hero” is thrown around very easily these days, but to the people of Calth, Remus Ventanus is the very definition.* When the Word Bearers launched their devastating attack upon Calth, Ventanus was the first to launch any kind of counter-assault.** Now, this stunning resin model is available for your games during the Age of Darkness.