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New UCM Releases Available For Dropzone Commander

Modular design. It's very important. When you create something for war, you want to be able to quickly adapt it to whatever you require at the time. The engineers at the Titania Aerospace Corporation have been working on just such a set of vehicles. They've hit a couple designs that work and they like and are now pumping out variations of them as fast as possible. And now, Dropzone Commander players can pick them up to bolster their forces.

From the post:

The factories of the Titania Aerospace Corporation have been hard at work fulfilling the large order placed by the UCM for new model Falcons, Ravens , Condors and Eagles.

The UCM looking for any advantage have been very impressed by the performance of Titania Aersospace designed aircraft. With massive orders up to 50,000 units, this is the UCM’s largest procrurment since the start of the Reconquest.