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New Tundra Orcs Previewed for Summoner Wars

Close to 90 out today here in Atlanta. Not exactly what I'd call "cool." I wouldn't mind heading to a tundra and chilling. Maybe hang out with some of the new Tundra Orcs coming for Summoner Wars, of which we get a look at two more cards in their deck today.

From the preview:

Welcome back summoners! The Tundra Orcs are ready to fight for glory; check out their epic event!

For Glory provides a global boost to all common units, and with +2 strength to all of them, a turn with this event in play is sure to be epic! However, it wouldn’t be a Tundra Orc card without some potential for risk. For Glory comes with a brutal kickback of damage if you aren’t able to roll enough special symbols. Thankfully with +2 dice to each roll, even the smallest of fighters has a good chance at going down in Tundra Orc history!

We’ve seen the Tundra Orcs have a strong reliance on rolling special symbols to maximize their power, and the champion Shonk takes that to the next level. Shonk is a titan of a unit and boasts one of the highest damage potentials in the game. However, Shonk’s recklessness means the average attack may not cause as much damage to your intended target as 8 strength would suggest. Keep Grognack nearby to increase the chances of pulling off a magnificent Shonk attack!