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New The Order: Faithful of Solthecius Team Box Available to Order From Steamforged

Steamforged is looking to bring back some Guild Ball teams that've been out of print for a while, doing them up in new box sets with new sculpts and the figures made out of new material. In this instance, it's The Order, what the Union turned to after the church took hold. You can order this new box set now.

From the website:

Her association with the Butcher’s Guild fast fading into memory, Brisket takes the field as the first captain of a Solthecian dynasty. Familiar figures join her, their guises thrown off to reveal their true allegiance. From the fleet-footed midfielder to the aggressive striker, each player complements their captain to form a dangerously mobile team.

This set includes 6 players: Seasoned Brisket, Pride, Benediction, Grace, Harry ‘The Hat’, Mist. Also included is a 3D terrain piece, a goalpost and a ball.