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New Starter Set Available For Tales From the Loop RPG

Been wanting to try out the multiple-award-winning Tales From the Loop RPG from Free League Publishing but weren't quite sure where to start? Waiting on a product designed to specifically get new players easily into the game? Well, you're in luck, as that's exactly what's out now. It's available physically but also as a digital book over on Roll20. So, no matter where your players are, you can still get together and game.

From the website:

A new Starter Set for the multiple award-winning Tales From the Loop tabletop RPG was officially launched today by Free League Publishing. The new Starter Set is both available as a physical boxed set and in digital format, as an official module on the Roll20 online platform. This launch is the first step in Free League new initiative to support virtual tabletop gaming for all of its titles.

The new boxed set, containing a new scenario called The Recycled Boy, can be found on the Free League website, at the Roll20 marketplace, and in select retail stores worldwide. It's also available in PDF format at DrivethruRPG.