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New Starfinder Miniatures Available From Paizo

Paizo and WizKids have had a very successful partnership with their Pathfinder Battles figure sets. Now, they're doing the same with Starfinder. There's two new sets out, one for villains and one for heroes, that you can pick up now.

From the announcement:

Now available, Starfinder Battles: Galactic Villains and Starfinder Battles: Galactic Heroes prepainted plastic miniatures from our partners at WizKids!

The Galactic Villains Pack contains 6 miniatures that represent Villains from the Starfinder universe: Aeon Guard, Diasporan Space Pirate, Patrol-Class Security Robot, Necrovite, Space Goblin Zaperator, and Contemplative.

The Galactic Heroes Pack contains 6 miniatures players can use as characters in the Starfinder universe: Android Xenoseeker, Kasatha Thaumaturge, Lashunta Mercenary Commando, Shirren Soldier, Ysoki Technomancer, and Vesk Champion.