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New Space Wolves, Middle-earth Orcs Available to Order From Forge World

This week, Forge World has a pair of new sets for the Space Puppies. I know they're the Space Wolves, but dogs come from wolves and dogs are puppies (no matter the size or age). So, therefore, to me, Space Puppies! Also, there's a pair of Orc captains for your Middle-earth Games.

From the website:

Within the Space Wolves, those with an all-consuming impulse to kill and kill again were selected by the Cult of Morkai and its ministers, who ensured with proper reverence that the jaws of the Death Wolf could feast upon the enemies of Mankind. The warriors who gave themselves over became the Deathsworn; marked by their wolf-skull helms, they were the embodiment of the hunger of death in the heart of the Legion.

The Deathsworn Pack includes 5 miniatures wearing the iconic skull helms of the Cult of Morkai. Each of the Deathsworn is armed with an axe, bolt pistol and Yimira class stasis grenades. Together, they form a murderous Elites choice for the Space Wolves Legion.