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New Soulblight Gravelords Available to Pre-Order From Games Workshop

This weekend, the dead rose, because even though it's May, Games Workshop wishes it was October just like the rest of us do. The Soulblight Gravelords got their new book for Age of Sigmar along with all sorts of new kits. Plus, there's the new White Dwarf and a whole bunch of new paint brushes.

From the announcement:

The (mostly) immortal conquerors from Shyish are raising their undead legions and marching to war this week, with a brand new battletome, some diabolical and yet chillingly noble knights, and even the Mother of Nightmares herself (who you may remember from Warhammer Fest Online). It’s not all vampires, skeletons, and zombies this week though, as it’s also your first chance to get hold of the new STC brush range.