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New Salem 2nd Edition Back Up On Kickstarter

Campaigns don't always pan out the first time around. That's fine. It's no reason to give up hope forever. Just look at Overworld Games and their campaign for New Salem 2nd edition. Their original campaign didn't make it. But their second try is up on Kickstarter now and they're already over their goal.

About the campaign:

After a previous campaign for New Salem failed (it reached 93% funding in October of 2018), the drafting, set collection, and hidden identity game has been re-launched in a new campaign. Overworld Games has re-positioned it as New Salem 2nd Edition rather than an expansion.

The word "expansion" has been replaced with "upgrade kit" as the expansion was always basically a way for 1st Edition owners to get themselves upgraded to 2nd Edition. The campaign has a new layout, cheaper shipping for EU backers, a 2nd Edition box in the Deluxe Upgrade Kit reward level, and lot of small and large changes to visual and textual elements based on feedback from over 200 backers, industry experts, and those who were happy to help providing suggestions for improvements.

The campaign is already over the funding goal with still 22 days left to go.