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New Runewars Releases Available From Fantasy Flight

Along with all the awesome Star Wars stuff that Fantasy Flight has announced, there's a quartet of Runewars releases now available. There's something for everyone, with a release for each faction. So if you've been wanting something new, now's your chance.

From the website:

The great factions of Terrinoth take to the battlefield in Runewars Miniatures Game! In the heart of the twelve baronies, the Daqan Lords use the tactical prowess of their noble knights to defend the realm. To the north, the forces of Waiqar the Undying rise from the mists, exploiting their enemies' fear for their advantage. In the southern reaches, the Latari leave the safety of the Aymhelin, calling upon their master warriors to defend their ancient home. And in the Ru Steppes, the Uthuk Y’llan come back from the edge of extinction with a vengeance, using blood magic to gain the blessing of the Ynfernael as they go to war.

No matter which faction you align with, no matter who you believe is worthy to rule Terrinoth, today you gain new soldiers to aid your cause! Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that the Darnati Warriors Unit Expansion, Wraiths Unit Expansion, Outland Scouts Unit Expansion, and Kethra A’laak Hero Expansion are on sale now at your local retailer and online through our website!