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New Resources Available for Test of Honour

Want to get the latest info about Test of Honour, the samurai miniatures game? Well, you're in luck, as it's all collected together in one place. There's new downloads, info about the upcoming expansions, and a look at the latest sculpts coming out. I did say it was a bit of everything.

From the article:

Time to update you with all the Test of Honour news...

With the rush of fulfilling everyone's Sohei Temple Guard orders finally in the rear-view mirror, I've had a chance to do some bonus cards. 

These cards are a bonus to the Sohei Temple Guard, Fanatics and Musketmen sets, giving you more options including a Sergeant of Archery and the choice to use the Creed Bearer as a normal banner bearer. Includes the following cards: 

Mounted Sohei Disciple

Sohei Sergeant of Archery

Sohei Banner Bearer

Sohei Temple Guards (group)

Sohei Fanatic (single)

Sohei Musketman (single)

Download them FREE in the webstore here.