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New Releases For Flames of War and Team Yankee Available

Battlefront's loading up the fields of Europe with some new releases for both Team Yankee and Flames of War. Whether you want to fight in WWII or WWIII, there's something new for you. The Russians have some new armored vehicles going to battle against the Germans, while the Polish and Czechoslovakians are fighting against the forces of NATO.

From the announcement:

Hey everyone, 2018 keeps flying by and this week we have some great new stuff to check out the on the website.

Soviet players get the eagerly awaited plastic Katyusha Rocket Battery, this great little kit is quick to assemble and looks great on the table. We also have the BA-10 Armoured Car and DShK AA Platoon spotlights to check out.

Team Yankee Warsaw Pact players can check out Wayne’s Book Spotlights. The Studio is buzzing about these two new forces and the great new models that are coming out for them – the Dana SP 152mm Battery, RM-70 Rocket Launcher and OT-64 Transport. Are you Team Poland or Team Czechoslovakia?

Last of all, don’t forget the 1st Annual Toys For Tots Toy Drive. Get out, play some games and give to an amazing cause.