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New Releases Available From Warlord Games

Bit of a shotgun set of releases for you from Warlord Games this time around. Starting off, for those of you that like to take all your rulebooks with you in your pocket, there's the digital version of the Black Seas rulebook. For those that are Pike & Shotte players (been a while since I'd seen anything for them), you can get your new Scots Covenanter General and Army Standard Bearer. Last, but not least, there's the North Korean KPA ZIS-3 Divisional Gun for Bolt Action: Korea.

Black Seas: Digital Rulebook PDF

Plot you fleet actions on the go. Black Seas is now available as a highly convenient PDF. The rulebook is a complete guide to the naval combat game.

Pike & Shotte: Scots Covenanter General & Army Standard Bearer


We’ve new miniatures for Pike & Shotte; a Scots Covenanter General leads from the front upon a mighty steed, and a Standard Bearer suitable for any army.

Korean War: North Korean KPA ZIS-3 Divisional Gun

The Korean People’s Army utilised the ZiS-3 divisional gun; an extremely versatile weapon. Now you can field it in your games of Bolt Action Korea!