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New Releases Available From Warlord Games

It's a real shotgun blast of releases coming from Warlord Games today. There's a pair of new releases for Blood Red Skies. Bolt Action is also getting some action with a few Belgian releases. Pike & Shotte gets their first release in quite some time with a Swedish Field Commander. Even Beyond the Gates of Antares has some new figures.

Falcon Squadron: Scourge of the Luftwaffe

Discharged from the RAF for striking a fellow officer Johnny Redburn joins the Merchant Navy. Whilst on route to Murmansk his ship comes under attack from the mighty Luftwaffe.
Leaping into action Johnny takes the place of the killed catapult Hurri pilot and launches into the maelstrom of combat and into history as one of the best classic comic strips of all time!

New: Ju 87D Stuka squadron

The junkers 87D Stuka was a dive-bomber and ground-attack aircraft. Identifiable by its gull wings and spatted undercarriage, it became infamous because of its wailing sirens which let out a horrible shrieking noise when it dove, terrifying Allied soldiers. Excellent against ground targets and not so much in air-to-air combat, it was produced before the war and up to 1944 which was when it became vulnerable due to lack of Luftwaffe air presence.

New: Belgian Army HMG team +Bofors AA Gun


The Fabrique Nationale FN M2HB (heavy barrel) was the licensed Belgian copy of the American Browning .50 cal. The weapon was used on a tripod, or could be found mounted to vehicles for use in an anti-aircraft role. Despite being designed in 1933, the FN M2HB remains in service with the Belgian military today.

The Bofors 40mm L/60 was purchased by the Belgian Armed Forces in 1935 in direct response to the development of the Luftwaffe.

New: Belgian Army Forward Observer Team + Army Heads: Bonnets de Police

The new Belgian Army Forward Observer Team scouts ahead plus we have new army heads with the Bonnets de police!

New: Lennart Torstensson, Swedish Field Commander

Lennart Torstensson was a Swedish Field Marshal and military engineer. He was in the Battle of Wallhof in January 1626 and served during the Prussian campaigns of 1628 and 1629. After securing more victories, he was taken prisoner and held at Ingolstadt. After he was released, he continue to serve until her fell ill and he returned to Sweden. Following that, Banér’s sudden death led to Lennart Torstensson being recalled to Germany and made the generalissimo of the Swedish forces and Governor General of Pomerania, as well as being promoted to the rank of Field Marshall.

New: Ghar Outcast Rebel Squad

The Ghar Outcast Rebel Army, lead by Fartok has to rely on what they can capture, repair or fabricate using the modest resources available to them. This has resulted in a force with a wide variety of troops and equipment, at least compared to the relatively homogenous armies of the Ghar Empire. Most significantly, it means that a rebel army is fundamentally an army of ordinary outcast infantry supported by a lesser number of machines including refurbished battle armour and captured crawler vehicles.