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New Releases Available From Privateer Press

A big release day for Privateer Press this time around. There's new solos, warcasters, and units for Warmachine. If you're looking to bulk up your Riot Quest force, there's new figures for that, too. And <whoop! whoop! whoop!> that means we've got some new Monsterpocalypse figures that you can pick up as well. If you play something from Privateer Press, chances are good that there's something new for you.

From the post:

FEBRUARY 28, 2020

PIP 38022 Alain Runewood, Lord of Ash – WARMACHINE Infernal Solo
PIP 38023 Nicia, Hound of the Abyss – WARMACHINE Infernal Solo
PIP 41171 Order of Illumination Resolutes – WARMACHINE Mercenary Morrowan Unit (5)
PIP 41173 Hermit of Henge Hold – WARMACHINE Mercenary Solo
PIP 41174 Artificer Prime Nemo & Arcane Mechaniks Box – WARMACHINE Mercenary Battle Engine

PIP 51082 Monsterpocalypse Zor-Magna – Shadow Sun Monster
PIP 51083 Monsterpocalypse Mecha-Maxim – Uber Corp International Monster
PIP 51084 Monsterpocalypse C-Type Shinobi, Elite C-Type Shinobi, Shadow Rider – Shadow Sun Units
PIP 51085 Monsterpocalypse Hover Tanks & Ape Robot – Uber Corp International Units

PIP 63021 Chuck Dogwood – Riot Quest Guard
PIP 63022 The Terrorizer – Riot Quest Fighter
PIP 63023 Helga on Wheels – Riot Quest Scout