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New Releases Available From Privateer Press

Privateer Press is coming to the new month with some new releases. New figures for Monsterpocalypse, Warmachine, Riot Quest, and in the return of a game we've not seen in a long time, Level 7: Omega Protocol comes back with a new version, as well as the Extreme Prejudice expansion.




From the announcement:

PIP 41170 Legion of Lost Souls – WARMACHINE Mercenary Morrowan Unit (10)
PIP 41172 Thamarite Advocate – WARMACHINE Mercenary Thamarite Solo

PIP 62004N Level 7 Omega Protocol – Second Edition
PIP 62008 Level 7 Omega Protocol: Extreme Prejudice

PIP 51078 Monsterpocalypse Steel Shell Crabs & Psi-Eel – Triton Units
PIP 51079 Monsterpocalypse Mollock Brutes & Mollock Berserker – Subterran Units
PIP 51080 Monsterpocalypse Incinerus – Elemental Champions Monster
PIP 51081 Monsterpocalypse Xixorax – Savage Swarm Monster

PIP 63019 Doctor Stygius – Riot Quest Specialist
PIP 63020 Scythe – Riot Quest Gunner

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