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New Releases Available From Privateer Press

The holidays are pretty much upon us already. But there's still time to pick up some last-minute gifts for the gamer on your list. And Privateer Press is helping as they have a bunch of new releases available now over in their webshop and down at your local game store.

From the announcement:

PIP 38014 Griever Swarm – WARMACHINE Infernal Unit (10)
PIP 38021 Great Princess Regna Gravnoy, White Queen – WARMACHINE Infernal Character Solo
PIP 41168 Morrowan Battle Priest – WARMACHINE Mercenary Morrowan Weapon Attachment
PIP 41169 Glyn Cormier, Illuminated One – WARMACHINE Mercenary Morrowan Solo

PIP 51074 Monsterpocalypse Pteradax – Terrasaurs Monster

PIP 63015 Spawn Gates (6) & Weird Wendell, Gremlin Wrangler – Riot Quest Spawn Gate Expansion
PIP 63016 Treasure Pack (6) & Flugwug the Filcher – Riot Quest Treasure Chest Expansion