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New Releases Available For Twisted

As Linkara has told us, there's no greater danger than that posed by the evil of Ancient Egypt! *Imperial March plays*

If you're looking to bring some of these mummies and daddies to your tabletop, you can now for Twisted. The Spirits of the Desert have risen from their tombs to once more stalk among the living. You can get your name on the list to get these figures now. And if you grab the whole crew, you get a nice 10% discount as well.

From the announcement:

What has emerged from the deep sands to join the Scions?! New releases unearthed for Twisted 🏺🧟‍♂️

SPIRITS OF THE DESERT - Overseer of Hounds, 2 new Hounds of Set, and the metal Rotten Mummy!

Available NOW individually or at a special 10% discount offer if you grab the whole crew!

These characters were sculpted beautifully (yet again!) by the brilliant Lux Thantor. Merci beaucoup