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New Releases And Pre-Orders Available For Flames of War/Team Yankee

The folks over at Battlefront are updating their website with some new releases and pre-releases for Flames of War and Team Yankee. For Flames of War, there's some new German releases, including one of my favorite things, a Nebelwerfer (because every good snowball fight needs some nerfed webels). For Team Yankee, there's both the Czechoslovak People's Army and the Polish People's Army sets you can pick up.

From the post:

Hey everyone! The Flames Of War and Team Yankee websites have updated so let’s take a look.

This week sees our next wave of Iron Cross spotlights. We have the rocket firing 15cm Nebelwerfer Battery and our range of German infantry with the Grenadier Platoon, Panzergrenadier Platoon and Assualt Pioneer Platoon. Be to check them all out.

Following on from our two tremendously fun and successful Firestorm campaigns for Team Yankee, this year we have one planned for Flames Of War players. Firestorm: Stalingrad recreates the fighting in and around the city of Stalingrad. We have the rules up for download on the website and it will be available to order next week.

For Team Yankee we are pleased to announce pre-orders for the Czechoslovakian and Polish forces in Team Yankee. Time to start building those allied Warsaw Pact forces! Last up, by popular request we have the rules for fielding Soviet T-62M tanks in Team Yankee!

Head on over to now!