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New Release Available for Moonstone

I'm mildly allergic to bee stings. So, if I see one, I tend to beat a hasty retreat. If that bee was actually a wasp and a fae was flying it, armed with a spear, I'd be running even faster. But that's what's coming for Moonstone. You can pre-order Vespa over in their webshop now.

From the announcement:

We're excited to unveil a brand new release for Moonstone! Vespa gives faerie players their own flying monster to combat the Goblin and Gnomish Airships in the skies above the magical glow of moonstones. Unlike Moonstone's other flying characters however, Vespa not only hurls missiles but can swoop down for devastating melee attacks and harvest moonstones too. To find out more about how Vespa performs on the tabletop checkout the latest article on Goblin Mischief.