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New Ratkin Available to Pre-Order From Mantic

"Aww, Rats!" The Mantic warehouse is getting infested by fuzzy, blad-tailed rodents. And they're looking to spread that infestation to your house as well. But don't worry, this time, it's a good thing. They've got new Ratkin for Kings of War available to pre-order over in their webshop now.

From the announcement:

This week saw the launch of a brand-new army for Kings of War: the insidious Ratkin. We had everything from regiments, to mega armies and even massive monsters, like the Demonspawn.

However, that was only the start of the Ratkin releases and in April we'll be following up this massive launch with even MORE! That's right, almost every Ratkin unit in Kings of War will have a model available by the end of next month.