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New Pre-Releases Available From Games Workshop

Two games get themselves some new pre-orders from Games Workshop this week. The bigger of the two is the new 2-player box set, the two new codices, and some extras for 40k. If you're wanting to check out the new Hexfire box, the Grey Knights or Thousand Sons codices, or some new dice and such for either, that's what they've got. Meanwhile, Blood Bowl has a new pitch, a new deck, and some new dice.

From the article:

The Hexfire battlebox is here, and it kicks off a clash between the sorcerous covens of the Thousand Sons and the psychic brotherhoods of the Grey Knights. Let’s take a look at this magnificent new boxed set and all the other Warhammer 40,000 and Blood Bowl goodies that are available to pre-order today.

Battleboxes pit two rival factions against one another over the course of a narrative-driven mini-campaign. Hexfire is no different as this box sees an elite strike force of the Daemon-hunting Grey Knights face off against an arcane host of the Thousand Sons. There are warp-born powers aplenty as the two sides clash over Hexenfast – a supernaturally tainted gas giant.