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New Pre-Orders and Releases From Warlord Games

As usual, Warlord Games isn't good for just one release, or two, every week. They've got a whole bunch, and for a bunch of different games. There's some of the new Bolt Action: Korea line. There's new Konflikt '47 if you want some Weird War II. There's Cruel Seas if you want maritime non-Weird War II. And they round things off with Ancients in Hail Caesar.

Pre-Order: Korea British Commonwealth

Alongside the brand new Korea book comes a host of new figures! The new British forces miniatures are a brilliant entry point for your Korean campaigns…

Pre-Order: Korea Chinese Peoples Volunteer Army

Alongside the brand new Korea book comes a host of new figures! A great selection of new miniatures for the Chinese army provide an ideal starting point.

Konflikt 47: Ursus Infantry with clubs

Unleash the wrath of the Russian Bear! Monstrous reinforcements for the Red Army have arrived in the form of Ursus Infantry with Clubs!

Cruel Seas: ML 303 Motor Launch

Launch into Cruel Seas with the ML 303 Motor Launch. Supplement your Royal Navy flotillas with this powerful addition to your fleets.

Cruel Seas: Royal Navy T-class submarine

Launching into the Cruel Seas is the Royal Navy T-Class Submarine. Break the surface and prey on unsuspecting foes with this powerful addition to your fleet.

Hail Caesar: Saxon Light Cavalry

Sound the charge with the Saxon Light Cavalry. Armed with spear and shield, harass the enemy flanks and run them down in your Dark Ages games of Hail Caesar.

Light cavalry offer a highly mobile and flexible unit on the battlefield, able to react to the changing state of battle on the fly. Test the enemy flanks, or hold them back to unleash the most impactful charge at a crucial moment. The choice is yours.