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New Pre-Orders Available for Blood Red Skies From Warlord Games

While aircraft were used in WWI, they were still fairly experimental. Humans had only learned to fly a handful of years earlier. By the time WWII rolled around, aviation technology had advanced quite a bit from where it'd left off. These new releases for Blood Red Skies gives you a chance to pick up some early Soviet aircraft from right when the war was taking off (no pun intended... maybe).

From the website:

We’re heading back to the opening stages of Operation Barbarossa for a look at some early war Soviet aircraft for Blood Red Skies!

Things looked decidedly bleak for the Soviet Airforce in the summer of 1941. The Great Purge had stripped away most of their officers – 91% of major formation leaders had been in their position for six months or less. Vast numbers of conscripts were being drafted in and pressed into service as pilots. The number of flights for pilot qualification had been reduced to just seven.

However, it was the largest air force in the world, with 9,576 frontline aircraft. These frontline formations were a really mixed bag – skewed in favour of medium bombers and strike aircraft, with a relative lack of modern fighters in comparison to the RAF or Luftwaffe.

A persistent myth surrounding the early days of the Soviet Airforce was that their aircraft were obsolete – this was far from the case. Aircraft like the Yak-1 and I-16 could go toe-to-toe with early models of Bf109, while the IL2 Sturmovik proved to be a very capable ground-attack aircraft.

Blood Red Skies is the perfect game for recreating these early war aerial duels – Soviet squadron commanders will find out if quantity truly has a quality all of its own!