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New Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Scenario Available

Lord Zedd is at it again. He's got the Monster Machine going full-tilt and it's only the Power Rangers that can put an end to his nefarious schemes. Renegade Game Studios has released a new free-to-download scenario for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. You can go nab yourself a copy of Zedd's Monster Mash now.

About the scenario:

“The power of teamwork and friendship.” Lord Zedd grouses. “Blasted idiocy. As though I could trust these idiot minions to throw a rock at a puppy without being foiled by a gang of teenagers.” “Fire up the monster machine and ready my staff.” Lord Zedd laughs. “After all, there’s no I in ‘screams’.” Download Scenario #15: Zedd's Monster Mash now!