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And when I wake up in the morning to feel the daybreak on my face, there's a game that's up on Kickstarter that's all about Southern Gothic Horror. It's called Backwater. Plantation farms. Swamplands. Gentile members of society that are most definitely hiding something. It's all there.

From the campaign:

Humanity started to rebuild itself, albeit wretched and forlorn. Survivors salvaged what they could of government in the form of the American Lands. They rebuilt roads, though in fewer numbers and inferior quality, and they reclaimed the skeletons of buildings. Nowhere does humankind rebuild so desperately as in the humid swamps of the Backwater, where humanity battles itself and the natural elements to survive. You are a warden here—a roaming peacekeeper in the American Lands—tasked with keeping order at civilization’s southern reach. You travel the Old World’s crumbling roadways among mosquitoes and snakes. You tend to every small town’s big secret and quell strife between old families in a new era. Here in the bogs, you keep mutation at bay, ever-watchful for the wretched cousins of ancient humanity. You protect mankind from supernatural horrors that have only started to emerge. 

Welcome to Backwater... where horror writes itself.

The campaign is about halfway to its funding goal with 28 days left to go.