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The country is beset by foes of all types from every angle. Only one thing is holding them back: the witches. That's where you come in when you play The Great American Witch, a new RPG from Christopher Grey. Players must balance life in everyday society with their lives as witches and the interpersonal problems that being in a coven can create. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Great American Witch is a modern gothic tabletop roleplaying game about the secret world of witches in America and the supernatural threats working to destroy them.

Built on Christopher Grey's award-nominated RPG framework The Great American Novel, the game focuses on powerful witches who use ancient magic drawn from the feminine forces of creation. They struggle to balance their everyday lives, the supernatural, secret societies, and personal conflicts within their covens.

The Great American Witch uses a framework similar to Powered by the Apocalypse Games, FATE, and indy storytelling games like Ten Candles. It is, however, designed for extended campaign play in the tradition of World of Darkness or other urban fantasy traditional games.  

The campaign is well up and above its funding goal (being fair, they weren't asking for a lot to begin with) with 14 days left to go.