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New Orky Pre-Orders Available From Games Workshop

WAAAGH!!! The greenskins are marching to war in the grimdark far-off future. Games Workshop has started Orktober early with the new Ork Codex for 40k, as well as several new minis kits that you can pre-order now.

From the article:

Waaagh! The green tide has arrived with the new Codex: Orks and a Rok-load of reinforcements arriving for pre-order today, from the monster-hunting Squighog Boyz to a Runtherd with very un-Orky ideas

There’s a lot you can do with the new codex alone, so we’d best get started.

It’s a good job the Tyranids of Octarius are getting a few new tricks of their own, as Codex: Orks is here and the greenskins have never been better. Packed with new and updated datasheets, Stratagems, Crusade content, and more, there’s something for every Warboss here, from the new Beast Snaggas subkultur to revamped Dakka weapons.

If you’re a fan of showing off your shiny gubbinz like old Kaptin Badrukk, there’s also a luxurious collector’s edition complete with soft-touch cover, gilt page edges, and a ribbon page marker. It’s strictly limited to 700 copies, so make sure you get yours before those light-fingered Deathskulls pilfer them.