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New Ogre Berserker Available from Avatars of War

"An Ogre!?! But those are dangerous!?!" That's right. An ogre is dangerous. And if they're in a rage, that makes them even more dangerous-er. And it's one of these brutes that's making their way to your tabletops from Avatars of War, as their new Ogre Berserker is available now over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

A new AoW miniature has just been released! An Ogre Berserker with two great weapons!

 Ogre Berserkers have adopted the style of combat and looks of the Berserker lore, fighting with even more frenzy and more viciously than the rest of Ogres, and shaving their heads except for the characteristic Berserker mohican in the center.

 By the way, we have also added to the store some multipack Ogre offers! :)

 Follow the link for the multipack offers and 360º views of this new miniature